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Inchara Foundation is working towards rehabilitation of girls who are in need of care and support especially who have undergone various forms of violence and abuse. Girls who have faced violence need our support for a long term intervention, one of the interventions proposed in to make them self-dependent. Project SUI DHAGA by Inchara Foundation is to create sustainable livelihood for our beneficiaries (Girls)and empower them with regular income. In order to build their skills and help them to become self-reliant we are setting up a tailoring unit, where girls will be engaged in producing masks, cloth bags and other items.

A tailoring unit is being set up in order to impart the skills to these girls. Currently we have three machines and we need two  more machines. We also need to support them with raw materials and an instructor to train them. The income generated through this project will transferred to these girls’ bank accounts for their future. This will not only help them be independent but also be helping to sustain their families

COVID 19 has indeed brought us distress, however it has given us also some opportunities for reflection and action. The girls will be empowered and made independent. Once they turn 21 they can be self-sustained with a tailoring unit of their own. Inchara shall help them to market their products. Through this training they will not only be able to change lives of themselves but also impact their families in the long run.

Project Objectives:

  • To provide training in tailoring and embroidery to girls in the age group of 16-21 years
  • To Enable income generation for the beneficiaries for their sustainable livelihood