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Profile of the Organization

Inchara Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation is primarily focusing on girls (children & adolescents) who are victims of sexual abuse, helping them with rehabilitation process, trauma counselling and skill development activities for self dependency. We have designed different projects ‘from Prevention to Protection’ of children from sexual abuse. While Project Angel addresses the prevention part, Inchara Home is looking into Rehabilitation & Restoration. Pocso Support Group is being formulated to help the parents & family members of the victims of child sexual abuse. Through Model Safe School Initiative we are creating safe Eco system for the children within and outside schools.

How do we work?

Inchara has adopted a multi dimensional approach where we are not just working with the victims but also working with the families of the Victims and community. Inchara Foundation is running a Child Care Institution (CCI)- Inchara Home for girls who are victims of abuses of all forms and are in need of Care and Protection. Here we admit Girls who are referred by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) On the other hand Project Angel & Model Safe School Initiative (MSSI) has been launched as a part of such initiatives which are designed to prevent child abuse and facilitate a child friendly ecosystem in Schools.

Where do we work?

Organisation is based out of Dakshina Kannada District ( Mangalore) and has implemented activities in Bangalore & Dharwad as well. Currently Inchara has also ventured into COVID 19 relief activities in 5 States ( Karnataka, Orissa, WB, TN & Delhi)

Thematic Areas

  1. Addressing sexual violence against Girl Children, Adolescent Girls & women
  2. Rehabilitation of Victims of Sexual Abuse & creating support system for their families
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Capacity Building programs

Our Approach or Operating Model

Inchara Foundation is a grass root level organisation, our approach is as simple as directly working with the beneficiaries and their involvement in the process. Our operating model is charitable and donor driven. However we are making efforts to sustain the organisation adopting various forms of fund raising strategies. As a charitable institution all our services are rendered free of cost. We believe in transparency and accountability to all the donors, to the public and to the Government.

Our Credibility

We do a focused Intervention. Our cause is specific. All our activities revolve around issue that we are focused on. More over we are accountable and transparent. We have been partnered by CDV Global, FMSF, Give India, United Way Mumbai after a due diligence from them. We work closely with various  Government departments and help in quality service delivery.

What makes us unique?

Bringing in innovations in all our projects is what makes us unique. For Example project angel is considered to be an innovative idea by Deshpande foundation. Playgrounds using scrap and low cost urinals are other innovative activities. We are the first CCI in the district to implement CPP ( Child Protection Policy)

Organisational Achievements

  • 50,000 plus children and Adults are trained under Project Angel- An initiative for prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
  • 97 Girls have received services at Inchara Home and 20 Girls are undergoing residential care and support
  • 15 Government schools covered under MSSI project benefiting over 1000 children
  • 50 Angel Boxes Installed in schools to check Child Sexual Abuse
  • More than 500 Youth trained in various skill development programs
  • COVID Relief: More than 17500 meals served, 6000+ ration and sanitation kits distributed, 1000 PPE Kits distributed


Deshpande Foundation in 2016-17, selected Inchara Foundation to be one of their incubate partners under the sanbox samvidha initiative.

Our Vision

To create a society where our children live free from the fear of being abused, their rights are respected and protected.

Our Mission

To protect children in the age group from 0 -18 from being abused.
To equip children, parents and teachers with prevention strategies and help to help themselves.
To provide care, support and rehabilitation to the survivors of abuse through institutional and therapeutic interventions.

Child Protection Policy

Inchara Foundation along with its board of trustees, advisory board members, management team and staff members, visitors, donors, volunteers and interns come under the purview of the child protection policy (CPP). All are required to read the policy carefully and adhere to the behavioural protocols prescribed in the CPP.


Inchara Foundation aims to create safe environment for Children: both at the Childcare Institution and in other projects.It strives towards the respect, protection and empowerment of children by implementing child safety policy to all the stakeholders involveddirectly and indirectly.


Inchara Foundation is committed towards protection of child rights. In order to realizeits mission Inchara Foundation proactively implements child safe practices and protects children from harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation in any form.

Inchara Child Protection Policy

All the members of Inchara Foundation, i.e. trustees, members, staff, volunteers, children, committee members, third-party service providers, visitors and interns come under the purview of this policy which would be reviewed every year.

Purpose of Child Protection Policy

  • To provide a nurturing child friendly environment for holistic and positive development of children.
  • To protect children from harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation in any form.
  • To have standardized principles and behaviour protocols for all Inchara staff and volunteers with regard to care, safety and protection of children.
  • Legal Framework

  • Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015
  • The Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012
  • ChildLabour Act (Amendment), 2006
  • Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006
  • Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, 1986
  • Board of Trustees

    Inchara Foundation is managed by a dynamic Board of Trustees comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. The Board of Trustees is the ultimate decision-making body in terms of organizational policy changes.

    Advisory Board

    Inchara Foundation strongly believes in an impartial and objective input from an external body of members who would help in sound decision making and staying true to our cause. The Advisory Board consists of independent members of eminence and reputation who provide non-binding strategic advice to the management of the foundation. The informal nature of the board gives greater flexibility in structure and helps to maintain greater transparency as well as accountability.

    Program Team

    Preetham Rodrigues


    A post graduate in Social Work, having more than two decades of experience in the development sector, a visionary with competence in projects planning and monitoring, managing operations and resource mobilization. He is the founder of Project Angel-an initiative for the prevention of child sexual abuse.  He is also a member of advisory committee on District Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Karnataka and Former member of Child Welfare Committee, DK District.

    Inchara Foundation appreciates the leadership as well as diligence and perseverance of Preetham.


    (Program Co-ordinator)

    Being a skilled facilitator, Sumana has worked with children and women after completing her Masters in Medical and Psychiatry Social Work. Her passion for working with children has made her a desirable counselor and guide to children and women of various institutions.

    Inchara Foundation is happy to have on board a dynamic, influential and resourceful person in Sumana.

    Kavya A

    (Program Co-ordinator)

    After her Masters in Social Work (Community Development), she currently moderates the Model Safe School Project by Inchara Foundation. Her interests lie in engaging in awareness programs on personal safety, health and hygiene.

    Inchara Foundation appreciates Kavya’s sincerity and goal directed work ethics.

    Athena Aranha

    (Consultant Psychologist)

    A post graduate in Psychology, she is an academician/counselor with a keen interest in research and therapeutic counseling. Trained in providing trauma therapy, she also practices integrative and expressive intervention strategies while working with our children.

    Inchara Foundation appreciates Athena’s zeal, dedication and hard work.

    Harina Rao


    Being the chairperson of DSIA, Women’s Wing, Mangalore, her interests in making handicrafts and accessories, makes her a proficient trainer for the governmental Skill Development Program. She works with women and children encouraging empowerment through their entrepreneurial abilities.

    Inchara Foundation is glad to have an adept trainer and appreciates Harina’s services.


    (House Mother)

    Previously teaching computers, she has a good rapport with children. Currently working on the housing care, she also is a motherly figure to the children of our home.

    Inchara Foundation appreciates the timely help and services rendered by Sowmya.


    Wafa Quraishi is a Graduate in Sociology and has a diploma in soft skills. She has worked for disadvantaged communities before joining Inchara Foundation. She has won various extracurricular competitions at State and National levels. She is the Public Relation and Communication executive at Inchara Foundation

    Inchara Foundation appreciates Wafa’s organizational skills and active participation.

    What Our People Say?

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