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Inchara’s Inspiration of the Year

Pramita (name changed) was a sexually abused child whose father was an alcoholic with a brother and mother at home who were incapable to provide her a safe living condition. Hence she was referred to Inchara Foundation by Child Welfare Committee.

With planned intervention in place such as counseling (regular), Individual Care Plan, gradual changes were observed in her. With a 360 degree support system, the child (adolescent) started gaining trust in the support mechanism as a result she expressed her area of interest and participated in the Skill development training in Hospitality and tourism provided to her.

Presently she is an independent and confident girl working in the sector of hospitality and tourism in Murudeshwar earning Rs. 8000/- per month along with food and accommodation.

Pramya is one of our beneficaries, she had to drop out after class 10th due the unfortunate circumsatnces. She  was an intelligent student and happy go lucky until her fate turned  her into a disaster. Her dreams were devasted, she and her family went into severe trauma. It was not easy for her to bounce back. Once she reached Inchara, with the help of our brilliant staff her life started to change. Along with continous engagement into counseling and therapies, she was also made to appear her class 12th board exams in open mode. She passed the exams with flying colors. She was determined to leave her past behind as well her traumatic life experience. ( Since we are committed to confedentiality case details are not dislosed here.)

Further, Inchara gave her an opportunity to complete a six month course in Hospitality. Pramya is now working with a Top brand Hotel as an houskeeping attendant. We wish her all the best to her futire endeavors.

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