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Inchara Foundation has been assessing needs of the government schools in terms of access to good infrastructure including, child friendly classrooms, science labs, libraries, clean drinking water and sanitation. We have identified certain gaps in government schools due to which children are deprived of basic facilities.Our endeavor is to connect the corporate and the donors (charity group of organization) to these schools in order to improve basic education facilities and to help the BOP segment.As a result Inchara Foundation designed an initiative named Model Safe School which would facilitate the schools with implementing systems and processes that result in safe and quality education facilities.

The initiative focuses on overall strengthening of the existing mechanisms of government schools with the help of technical experts in order to create an ecosystem for quality education in the society.Our Services include Personal Safety Education, Localized Helpline to Prevent CSA, School Safety Audit, Health and Safety Sessions, Safe Drinking Facility, Basic Sanitation Facility, Safe Play Area, School Bags and Life Skill Training Sessions.



  • 2237+ Children reached under Model Safe School Initiative
  • Appreciation received from education department
  • Company satisfied with the project delivery and willing to replicate its success
  • Nearby schools coming forward with proposals to implement the same project