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Parenting is the most influential responsibility anadult undertakes in life. Ironically, adults receive the least amount of training before taking up this responsibility. Society expects parents to know what to do, to always take appropriate actions, and to behave in a manner that provides a wonderful role model for their children. However, society does not provide parents the tools and skills they need to live up to these expectations.

We recognize that parents need practical advice. Parents bear the primary responsibility for the safety and well-being of their children. Our programs equip parents with practical actions that they can take to identify warning signs, behavioural changes and help to protect their children from sexual abuse.


Adults play an important role in preventing abuse. Children need to trust adults in order to share their feelings freely. And this is possible only when adults provide a positive atmosphere.

Teachers need to identify the warning signs that children give out. When equipped with relevant knowledge and skills they can help children in a better way.


We provide a platform for the employees of multinational companies and other corporate organizations who wish to engage themselves in social project.

Inchara Foundation trains these employees on how to talk to children about preventive strategies in case of abuse. This is also a welcome change for the employees who need a break from their monotonous work and at the same time also fulfills their wish to do something for the society.


Capacity building of hostel wardens, cooks, helpers and other supporting staff including bus/van drivers. This training programme sensitizes the care givers about child rights, child behaviour and child psychology in general. The programme also motivates and helps the institutions to build child protection policies (CPP) taking into consideration all the aspects of child safety.

Employee Engagement programme at XL Health Corporation Pvt.Ltd is an example where employees trained nearly 3000 children in their neighbourhood schools.