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As the devastating effects of abuse and violence not only affects the survivors but also their families, Inchara has initiated to form  support groups to help the survivors and their families seek legal assistance to obtain justice. Apart from providing a legal platform, we also aim to provide the much needed counselling services. There is significant social and economic costs involved and the support group helps in advocacy and lobbying with various departments to expedite the process of  FIRs, chargesheet, 164J statements, compensations etc and thus facilitate effective implementation of the POCSO Act. The purpose of the support group helps to foster a sense of support and motivation to fight the existing cases and seek appropriate justice.


Objectives of the Support Groups:
  • Help the survivors in the legal process to get Justice
  • Providing a platform for the parents of the victims and seek assistance
  • Provide counseling to the victims and the parents
  • Advocacy and Lobbying with various departments to expedite the process of  FIRs, Chargesheet, 164J Statements and Compensations